Mixing engineer and Musician

I'm Frederic, aka Nout, a sound engineer and a musician living in Paris, France.

I'm now focused on mixing gigs, and developing my new project, Nuith, a dark electro alternative pop (yeah, people need categories so...), full of synths and screaming guitars.

I've been producing and mixing bands in France for 20 years (mostly indies, rock, pop, hip-hop, metal). My references includes major companies and indie labels, such as Warner, Notre Dame de Paris productions, Vicious Circle, Sony, Bruit Blanc.

My former musical project, a loud alternative power-trio named Citadel_ (last live show in 2015) no longer plays live, due to the tragic loss of or beloved drummer Mike, but our records remains to transmit the energy and exigence we put in our music.

I also worked at La Clef, a 300 / 700  concert venue near Paris, and I've been an FOH engineer for a fusion band (rock/hip-hop) named The LatitudZ in worldwide and local tours for several years.

In normal times, you can find me hanging around in concert venues in Paris or in the rock/metal pubs in town...

Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting you soon, for collabs and/or friendship